‘You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge’

If you have already implemented Lean Six Sigma within your organisation either recently or some years back, then it’s best to understand how well you are doing.

We have developed an online questionnaire to help you determine which of the areas you have excelled in and which areas need more attention. Once complete the results will be emailed to you. What you will receive is a simple visual radar map that shows where your organisation should focus on so as to improve. For instance, the example below shows areas of improvement to be:

  1. Implementation of 5S.
  2. Implementation of a Continuous Improvement mindset.
  3. More visual controls required instead of written instructions.
  4. Lack of continuous flow therefore batching during production.

The online questionnaire is available here. Please feel free to use it and give us feedback by sending an email to info@deltablade.co.uk