Going Beyond to GOAL-3P

Lean dates back some 100 years starting from production of the Ford Model T. During the production, Henry Ford introduced the conveyor belt which significantly reduced waste to create each unit in just 93 mins. Some years later, Motorola’s roll out of the Six Sigma approach in the 80’s reached for 3.4 defects per million.

Today,  some companies have already invested huge sums of money in lean and have only just seen a fraction of the benefits come through. Why?

Over the last few months, we have been spending time discussing with our clients about lean and  specifically their needs. We have interacted with more than 50 different companies and we are now in a stronger position to better serve them. 

Lean Projects despite the investment and roll out are still failing. There a number of reasons for this like: no leadership, no data, focusing on tools not mindset, resolving symptoms not root causes etc.

Today, we are introducing a new offering to the Kenyan market that we are calling:

Goal -3P is a part of our consulting offering that goes beyond the standard quality, cost and lead time related issues. It focuses more on Process, People and Performance.

Why is it important to focus on these three elements?

Process: Understanding your company’s processes allows you to identify the vulnerabilities in the business. Where are your bottlenecks and where can you start to remove inefficiencies? Good processes are also important to ensure continuity of the organisation especially if you are aiming to be around in the next 100 years.

People: Linked to the processes, many growing organisations still don’t know who is doing what and when. And when issues arise they all get escalated right to the top. There have been many situations where there is a lack of accountability for the process and  the decisions made. For growing companies, it is therefore important to define reporting lines and the responsibilities for each employee.

Performance: How do you know you are doing well in your business? Very few companies in Kenya actually set KPIs to help make decisions and drive the business in the strategic direction. Planning is also important in maximising your profits. We have seen many companies run on short term planning unable to capitalise from long term deals.

Delta Blade Consultants has now specialists from each field, allowing us to come in and provide companies with a one-stop solution.

Why choose to work with us? We provide cost effective solutions and expertise catered to your business.

Is this of interest to you? Get in contact with us to understand more of what we can do for your organisation.  Send us an email: info@deltablade.co.uk