Data and Maintenance

Summary of the project

What was the challenge the client was facing?

1.Lack of insight into production levels, utilization of the machines and areas of improvement.
2.Maintenance was not a priority creating downtime and unreliability of production.

What was the approach that was used?

1. Created initial value stream with the team. We were able to understand the various control points and where the team did not have insight into the process.
2. Created several data collection mechanisms to input data into a database.
3. Calculated metrics based on the data to drive production and increase decision making ability.
4. Carried out a full audit of the maintenance in the factory through asset registers, parts registers, preventative maintenance tasks for all 40 machines and historical analysis of all breakdowns.

What were the outcomes that were delivered?

1. Through the data, the team was able to improve production by 200%.
2. Better visibility in the areas of defects and waste.
3. Data collecting improved their raw materials planning and final product costing.
4. Maintenance framework that we created increased availability of the machines contributing to an increase in productivity.