Infrastructure – Engineering firm (Kenya)

Summary of the project

What was the challenge the client was facing?

1.Inability to resolve deep rooted problems in the organisation due to a lack of proper structure.
2.Poor on-boarding practices that created gaps in the roles and responsibilities.
3.Inability to properly scale the business due to lack of defined processes and no metrics were in place.
4.Senior management being drawn into every project without ability to prioritise and delegate responsibility.

What was the approach that was used?

1.An initial assessment of the current processes in the organisation was done to understand the process owners and overall workflow inputs and outputs.
2.Delivered training on lean tools and techniques that will lead to process improvement through better accountability, first time right and better lead time.
3.Create documentation for the re-engineered processes to ensure that they are embedded in the organisation and result in quicker on boarding of new staff.
4.We developed KPIs for the various processes to ensure targets are met and promote a continuous improvement environment.

What were the outcomes that were delivered?

1.Training allowed the team to differentiate between value adding and non-value adding activities in the organisation.
2.Better structure and accountability for tasks in the organisation.
3.KPIs provided the management with ability to intervene when problems occurred.

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