Jonathan Dass, MSC


  • MSc/BSc: Aerospace Engineer, TU Delft
  • LEAN: Practitioner Accreditation Certificate, SHELL Process Leadership. Member of
  • Project Management: APM Level D, Member of APM

Jonathan graduated from TU Delft in the Netherlands with a Master of Science degree in the field of Aerospace Engineering. During his study he became familiar with the LEAN Six Sigma concept in manufacturing. He then went on to a run a family business with 15 direct reports in Nairobi in the area of vehicle maintenance. Here he implemented some of the learning so as to refine the company operations.

In 2011, he chose to take a corporate role in Shell UK as a lubricant technical adviser. Here, he worked with the commercial team to identify value for both the company and the customer. During this role, he focused on reducing the customer’s total cost of ownership of an asset. He was later moved to London to carryout a lead role in the fuel’s supply chain. It was here that Jonathan completed his LEAN certification using Shell’s in-house training program. He went on to lead a LEAN project within Shell’s supply chain creating a total net savings of £2M. Further mini-LEAN projects run by Jonathan included review of the invoicing system and the safety permit to work system.

In 2014, he moved into Project Management, leading capital upstream projects in excess of $10M. From the three main projects under Jonathan’s management, all completed on schedule and within budget.

Later on, Jonathan was appointed the lead for an engineering team within Shell’s Upstream maintenance division. Here he rolled out the LEAN Improvement/Coaching KATA and used the knowledge from Toyota Production system to drive the team to created cost effective and sustainable solutions.

Having enjoyed working on LEAN projects and creating real business improvement, Jonathan decided to venture out and start a career in LEAN consulting. Jonathan strongly believes in the LEAN thinking and has an attention for detail. He is methodical and structured. He is certain with the right mindset: ability to learn and work together, a company can transform into an industry player. He has the drive and capability to complete Projects. His experience in different areas allows his commercial and technical mindset to create win-win solutions.