Our lean implementation is done using a 3-stage problem solving method called DRM. The term DRM stands for Determine > Remove > Maintain. The method is outlined below:

Website Photos DRM1. Determine: This stage starts with spending time of the production floor. Observing the process and understanding the different process and stations.

Using Value Stream Maps (VSM), the process is mapped out. VSM are the best method for understanding where the value is and where the waste can be eliminated. By looking at process through an end-to-end lens i.e. supplier to customer, the production line can be examined in its entirety. Particularly giving insight into delays and inventory holds.

For quality problems, it is important to collect statistics on how often and where the defects occur in the process. This data can then be plotted and interpreted.


Image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_stream_mapping

2. Remove: Applying a LEAN toolbox will eliminate the waste.

Waste in the form of TIMWOOD is usually identified in the previous step once the VSM is created. The process can then be further optimised using simple LEAN methods e.g. 5S, Quality in Station, KANBAN, just-in-time etc. Once this is complete, more complex methodologies can be used to further improve the production line.

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3. Maintain: Last step in our process is sustaining the change. Finding ways to keep the change implanted in the organisation. Together with your team, we define and roll out standard operating procedures and other maintain tools.


examples from: http://www.systems2win.com/images/deliverables/

We believe in a number of small simple steps to create change. Whether it may be increasing the speed of your conveyor belt or just structuring your manufacturing process to reduce movement.

To aid the change culture in your organisations, we usually hold Kaizen workshops,with the following aims:

1. Understanding your business for improvement.
2. Implementing LEAN in a burst.
3. Training your staff to think LEAN and continuously improve.