Lean (Self-) Audit

Answer the following questions as honestly as possible to understand the degree to which you have managed to implement lean methodologies. Once complete, a full summary will be visible on improvement areas that you need to address. Results will also be emailed to you. Thank you for using this audit tool.


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An important tool when moving towards lean is the implementation of 5S. Take some time to review your production facility using the definitions below. Once complete, please rank your 5S implementation below:
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: We have not yet implemented 5S
5: Full implementation of 5S

The next question is to discover the quality level. You will need some data from your production to understand the level of defects. How would you say your quality level rates?
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: Defects are above 25% of items produced
5: No Defects during Production

In your organisation, how do you see work cells/areas? Do you see them as cost areas or value adding areas?

(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: All areas are cost centres.
5: All areas generate value and are contributing to the profit.

Would you say the information that is communicated on the shop floor is done using visual signals instead of written instructions?

(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: All notices are written down.
5: No text instructions, only visuals are used.

How standardised is the work in your facility? Are they written procedures in place to undertake the work? Please rate the level of standardisation.

(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: No standards, room for variation in the process.
5: All routines are described in standard operating procedures.

The next question is slightly technical around Overall Equipment Effectiveness. OEE has three factors which are multiplied to give one measure called OEE, Performance x Availability x Quality = OEE. If applicable, please indicate your OEE in the scale below, else mark as 1.
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: OEE < 25%
5: OEE > 75%

Do you produce your product in batches or is there single piece continuous flow?
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: No single piece production, done in batches.
5: No batching in our production line just single pieces produced.

Regarding production pull within your line, do you produce on customer demand or do you always produce to ensure you have sufficient inventory?
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: Produce whether or not demand is there.
5: Only produce when customer demands item.

Have you fully implemented the concept of work/production levelling within your organisation?
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: Produce when there is high demand and shut down for low demand.
5: We maintain a fixed production rate over a given period.

Photo: Steven Tee/McLaren

Please rate the time it takes to carryout out the changeovers within your production line?

(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: Changeovers take time, parts not easily available.
5: Changeovers are quick and efficient.

Is there a continuous improvement mindset in the organisation?

(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: Not really
5: Employees encouraged to make improvements even if they are small.

Have your staff gone through any sort of Lean Six Sigma training?
(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1: Not yet, implemented ad-hoc for now.
5: Yes, all staff are trained in Lean Six Sigma

Lastly, how would you rate you supplier/customer alliances?

(Ranking Scale is between 1 to 5)
1:  Good with either supplier or customer.
5: Great alliances with both customers and suppliers.