Our lean implementation is done using a 3-stage problem solving method called DRM. The term DRM stands for Determine > Remove > Maintain. The method is outlined below:

Website Photos DRM1. Determine: This stage starts with spending time of the production floor. Observing the process and understanding the different process and stations.

Using Value Stream Maps (VSM), the process is mapped out. VSM are the best method for understanding where the value is and where the waste can be eliminated. By looking at process through an end-to-end lens i.e. supplier to customer, the production line can be examined in its entirety. Particularly giving insight into delays and inventory holds.

For quality problems, it is important to collect statistics on how often and where the defects occur in the process. This data can then be plotted and interpreted.


Image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Value_stream_mapping

2. Remove: Applying a LEAN toolbox will eliminate the waste.

Waste in the form of TIMWOOD is usually identified in the previous step once the VSM is created. The process can then be further optimised using simple LEAN methods e.g. 5S, Quality in Station, KANBAN, just-in-time etc. Once this is complete, more complex methodologies can be used to further improve the production line.

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3. Maintain: Last step in our process is sustaining the change. Finding ways to keep the change implanted in the organisation. Together with your team, we define and roll out standard operating procedures and other maintain tools.


examples from: http://www.systems2win.com/images/deliverables/

We believe in a number of small simple steps to create change. Whether it may be increasing the speed of your conveyor belt or just structuring your manufacturing process to reduce movement.

To aid the change culture in your organisations, we usually hold Kaizen workshops,with the following aims:

1. Understanding your business for improvement.
2. Implementing LEAN in a burst.
3. Training your staff to think LEAN and continuously improve.

Our People

Jonathan Dass
Managing Director
An experienced commercial executive in the area of operational excellence, cost reduction and business improvement. Worked in multinational companies in various countries across the oil and gas value chain. Certified in Lean Six Sigma and Project Management. Jonathan also holds a masters degree in aerospace engineering. Jonathan has worked previously for Shell in the Hague, London and Manchester for both upstream and downstream business units.
Seetal Dass
A qualified automation engineer with global experience across three continents providing firms with solutions in computer applications, ERPs and android application development. Seetal has previously worked for a variety of businesses in the IT space including multinationals like IBM. Seetal holds a master degree in Computer Applications. She has previously worked in Bangalore, London, Norwich and Nairobi.
Iain Brewster
Adviser: Process Improvment
A well-rounded senior executive with extensive experience of operating across multiple developing markets in Africa and Asia. Leadership and general management skills, combined with cultural sensitivity and flexibility, have been tested in developing and uncertain environments. Iain has previously held senior positions within PriceWaterhouseCoopers in London, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Istanbul and Bangkok offices specialising in operational effectiveness and performance improvement.
Latiff Cherono
Senior Lean Consultant
Latiff has diverse experience spanning over a decade in manufacturing operations, as well as an education in mechanical engineering to add value via the implementation of Lean transformation in organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. He has deployed Lean Six Sigma programs across the region in particular at Kenya Airways.
Nawfal Cockar
Deployment Consultant
Nawfal is a versatile business professional, with a background in finance who has experience in starting and running a manufacturing and export business. A strategic problem solver who seamlessly works across all levels of an organization to uncover cost-cutting and revenue producing opportunities.
Winnie Gichema
Graduate Consultant
Winnie has an educational background in Petroleum Engineering with geophysical, geological and drilling experience in geothermal production. She uses her statistical and analytical skills to transcribe data into meaningful insights.

Our Values

At Delta Blade Consultants (DBC), we are committed to our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Respect. They are key to the way we work and interact with our clients, suppliers and colleagues across the business and underpin our customer promise “to keep confidential and deliver best possible results.” The key value, underpinning all others, is that people act with integrity – constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound advice, and rigorously maintain their independence. Our service is defined by:

Our belief

Results before Money
Money is not our goal. We need to be around to improve other companies. Our main goal is to change companies and give them the skills to scale up. Give people the mindset that realises their business ambitions while creating value to their customers. Success comes when our clients feel that they have been undersold.

Your Success is Ours’
We get what we give. We offer knowledge and guidance to our customers.
We achieve our goals only if our client achieves theirs.
We put every ounce of our ability into their business to become healthy and stronger. Our reward is their success and we only achieve our goals when we foster success in them.

Respect and Friendship
We are driven by the fact that we are serving a higher purpose and doing good things for the world. We encourage laughter, fun & enjoyment, in everything  we undertake. Our positivity is undeniable. Our colleagues, our partners and our vendors are all friends that we like and respect.

Steady Financial Growth
We are here for the long run. Driven by passion and dedication to our way of thinking. Our beliefs go beyond getting rich quick. We value financial wealth but  in a sustained manner.


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