Paper – Manufacturing

Summary of the project

What was the challenge the client was facing?

  1. Setting a new facility and new product required better planning in terms of layout of the facility and production planning. The client had requested assistance in both these areas using lean six sigma – facility layout.

What was the approach that was used?

  1. A process mapping of the new &  current production lines.
  2. Understanding client constraints, production requirements (input and output), resource requirements and space requirements.
  3. Working with the architect to design a suitable layout based on building constraints.

What were the outcomes that were delivered?

  1. Better flow of material and people in the facility.
  2. Layout of a 3-storey manufacturing facility with provisions to meet aspiration of four times current production output.
  3. Reduced OPEX of the facility through implementation of conveyor belts, reduction in transport machinery and manpower.

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