Power Tracking Service

Struggling with high costs of energy? Or understanding the productivity in your factory?

Delta Blade Consultants offers smart solutions with energy metering through our internally developed metering service. Our equipment connects to your systems through a non-intrusive method thereby reducing the need to cut wires or breaking into existing systems.

Our software allows you to measure more than just kWh. You get insight into actual power usage, when then machine has run and any signs of failure. Our system also tracks other variables like kVA demand and power factor. More importantly, you get to track data that gives insights into output quantities and power costs.

Combined with the above data, we have integrated an alert system that allows the system to send power alerts via email and sms. Giving you peace of mind that your machine is running 24/7.

Above all, we have added our technical experts that provide you training on reducing power consumption, troubleshooting machines problems and giving you insights into your power consumption.

Interested? Send us an email info@deltablade.co.uk