Productivity improvement

Summary of the project

What was the challenge the client was facing?

1. High number of defects and delayed orders due to poor communication between shop floor and the sales team.
2. Poor layout in the factory meant that orders were untraceable, high waste from inefficiencies and safety was undermined.
3. Low Productivity in various departments.

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1. Initial engagement involved generation of the value stream map and process maps for the various production lines.
2. Creation of an online live order tracking system in google. This gave the production team and sales team transparency in the order status.
3. New layout in the factory ensured that finished products and orders were not mixed up or lost.
4. Traceability system using a batch code was setup to be able to walk back from a customer complaint through to raw materials.
5. Improved maintenance activities of machines allowed for higher production as team was able to deliver more.
6. Creation of a high impact improvement team (HIIT) was setup up to resolve issues, undertake root cause analysis and drive further improvements.

What were the outcomes that were delivered?

1. Improved communication between sales team and production staff.
2. Better visibility in the areas of improvements, waste reduction and reasons for waste.
3. Improvement productivity in the bag cutting section which saw production on most machines increase by 150%.
4. Setup of a lean HIIT to drive further improvements.