LEAN Training and Certification

Delta Blade Consultants is  LCS accredited. The first African based organization to gain this accreditation. We provide knowledge in lean methodology. This knowledge is a used across the globe offering firms with capabilities to supplement continuous improvement projects. 

We offer three levels of lean certification:

LCS is an industry recognised lean qualification framework for developing lean thinking, knowledge and practical skills in the workplace. Read more on the LCS website (https://www.leancompetency.org/).

Yellow Belt Certification

We start this four-day training ‘Lean Yellow Belt’ with a simulation game where you will experience the Lean principles yourself. We explain the theory to you, so that you can use it yourself. We will be incorporating a fun approach to different work forms throughout the learning process.

During our training, participants are taught Lean tools and techniques to which they can implement in a real process improvement project at their place of work. Similar to traditional programs, our participants provide the driving force behind an organisation’s process improvement and change mechanisms through integration of Lean methodologies in every day work.

Lean in a nutshell, providing an overview of the most important principles of Lean. Like value, value flow, pull and understanding waste. By engaging in simulations, you will experience the power of Lean.

Providing you with opportunities to implement tools and techniques. Understanding key principles and frameworks of Lean and the impact in an organisation.Introduction to the “Value Stream” and other important lean tools and concepts that enable continuous improvement.

Lastly we will cover the human dimension and enabling factors to sustainable lean implementation and cultural change.