Waste reduction

Summary of the project

What was the challenge the client was facing?

1.Low productivity in the factory combined with high waste from the production process.
2.Inability to understand efficiency of the production process and areas of improvement.

What was the approach that was used?

1.We first undertook an audit of what kind of data was being collected in the factory.
2.The team collected production and waste data at the various workstations including new metrics.
3.We carried out a root cause analysis into waste generation and low productivity
4.Implemented measures to reduce the waste.

What were the outcomes that were delivered?

1.Applied solutions to the machines which included changeout of worn out parts and new ways of working.
2.Implemented a 10 point lesson sheet for operators to reduce the waste in their workstation.
3.Creates a data dashboard using Power BI visible to all operator so they understand their performance.
4.Created a bonus scheme to drive waste reduction and improve operator productivity.

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